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Q: What makes Study Smart different from other learning centers?
Study Smart offers only short-term programs that teach students to be independently successful in school. We do not require parents to sign long-term contracts for tutoring because we believe it fosters a sense of diminished self-esteem and dependence. (The, "I can't do it without help" syndrome.) We teach students how to DO SCHOOL. Rather than just tutoring them in history, geography, English, or math, we teach them how to study and learn these subjects. We help students identify their learning strengths and teach them how to apply those strengths to any learning situation.
We offer individual tutoring in various subjects, but always with the goal of helping the student learn independently.
Our goal is to help students use their strengths to deal with their weaknesses.

Q: How do I know Study Smart workshops are worthwhile?
Study Smart's track record speaks for itself. Over a thousand students have participated in Study Smart's programs with significant results. Most of our business comes from referrals from students and parents who found success with Study Smart. Read what others have said about Study Smart.

Q: Are workshops offered for different age groups?
Yes. There are four SmartStart programs currently available: fourth and fifth grade, middle school, high school, and college.

Q: Is there different curriculum for different age-groups?
YES! While all of the concepts are covered at every level, the emphasis is different for each group. All classes are comprehensive in their approach to organizational and study skills, teaching students vital skills appropriate to their level of learning and current educational needs.

ELEMENTARY classes are geared toward helping fourth and fifth grade students SUCCEED in elementary school and PREPARE for middle school. This program has a greater emphasis on what to do during homework time and how to improve concentration. There is more specific instruction in language and math, with an emphasis on how to use learning styles to succeed in these areas. The note-taking section emphasizes listening and summarization. Because the transition from learning to read to reading to learn is such a profound one, the reading portion of the class focuses mainly on studying reading material and applies it to all classes, not just language. Testing skills, of course, are also emphasized, teaching students to use their long-term rather than short-term memories.

MIDDLE SCHOOL classes specifically teach students how to succeed in secondary school. Much emphasis is given on organization (of things, time, homework and projects), concentration and learning. Students are assisted in discovering their learning styles and taught how to study more efficiently. Note-taking skills include listening, summarizing and writing things down in a memorable way. Reading speed and comprehension skills are combined for more efficient reading in which the student LEARNS the material, not just looks at the words. Of course, testing skills are included. These teach students how to prepare for and take different types of tests and deal with test anxiety.

HIGH SCHOOL classes, in particular, are geared to help students SUCCEED in high school and PREPARE for life ahead, including college! Organizational skills, learning and study skills, speed-notetaking skills and speed-reading and comprehension are taught. In addition, the testing unit gives additional tips for SAT success. This course is geared to help students reduce their stress while increasing their success.

COLLEGE classes are taught at a more advanced level and the material is tailored to the needs of college and adult students. Organization at the college level requires prioritization and self-motivation as well as keeping track of time, things and projects. Notetaking skills are geared for lecture-only classes. Of course, speed-reading and comprehension are taught along with college-level test taking skills.

All classes help students identify their learning strengths and teach them how to use their strengths to increase their success.

Q: Are private classes available?
Yes. Private classes include six hours of one-on-one instruction in the SmartStart program and are available on a limited basis. Classes are scheduled with the teacher and usually take place at the teacher's home or office. Cost is $495 per student.

Q: How many students attend each Study Smart workshop?
Enrollment for each SmartStart workshop is limited to twelve students.

Q: Who teaches the Study Smart workshops?
Study Smart teachers are both state certified and certified as SmartStart specialists. We require Study Smart teachers to be dynamic presenters and effective communicators.

Q: How will I know what my student is learning?
Students receive a SmartStart manual that you can read. We also ask parents to attend for 15 minutes at the end of the last class so we can review what your child has learned and give suggestions for reinforcing those skills.

Q: I have several friends who would like to take this as well but your schedule doesn't work for us. Can you help?
Yes! If you have a group of eight to twelve students, we will set up a class just for you!

Q: I have another question, how can I contact Study Smart?
Send your questions to

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