Focus Smart Workshop Information

Focus Smart Workshops teach students how to harness and develop their mental energy and to increase their ability to focus and pay attention to what is important in school and in life.

Each course is nine hours of instruction, usually divided into six one-and-a-half-hour sessions. The first session is a "Parents Only" class, and the remaining five are for students. To ensure individual attention, classes are limited to six students.

What is involved in the Focus Smart workshops?

The first session is for PARENTS ONLY. This session will cover:

The remaining five student sessions will teach students what the mind does normally to help it maintain focus. These are called the attention controls. We will focus on the three main types of attention controls and will discuss with students the common ways that problems can occur with these controls when they do not function properly.

Students will learn strategies to help with such standard tasks as:

In addition to the major strategies mentioned already, we will present a variety of other smaller strategies designed to help address breakdowns with the attention controls. Focus Smart workshops teach students to pay attention to their attention and direct it toward what is important.

Frequently Asked Questions about Focus Smart

Is this designed for students who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD/ADHD)?
Not necessarily. Many students have problems with attention but do not have any type of diagnosis. This is for students who need better attention skills, whether they have a diagnosis or not!

How many students attend each FocusStart workshop?
Enrollment for the Focus Smart workshops is limited to six students.

What about cost and scheduling?
The total cost is $499 per student for each nine-hour workshop. Workshops are scheduled year-round and are generally divided into six one-and-a-half hour sessions. You can find our current schedule at

How will I know what my student is learning?
At least one parent is required to attend the first session. This will give you an overview of the course as well as specific information about how the attention processes work, attention controls, learning styles and homework tips. Students will receive an Focus Smart manual which you can read.

How do I sign up for Focus Smart workshops?
Many Focus Smart workshops are taught by therapists and couselors. Contacting the organization leading that program is the easiest way to register. Check the SCHEDULE TO FIND OUT WHO TO CALL!

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