SmartStart Workshop Information

SmartStart Workshops help students reach new heights by teaching them top-notch organizational and study skills!

Understanding your own learning strengths can help you earn better grades, reduce frustration, and learn more effectively and efficiently.  Help your child discover the fastest way he/she can learn.   Sign your child up for Study Smart's SmartStart course today!

Each course is six hours of instruction, usually divided into three, two-hour sessions. Everything your student needs to complete the workshop is provided: a student workbook, four-color pen, and custom-made planners.  To ensure individual attention, classes are limited to 12 students. Download a printable PDF brochure about the SmartStart Workshops.

Register for a SmartStart Workshop NOW by calling 281-265-3828!

What do students LEARN in the SmartStart workshops?

  • Practical organizational skills - Students learn Study Smart's easy organizational system to keep track of their schoolwork and to manage their time.
  • Efficient learning and study skills - Each student discovers his/her own learning strengths and learns how to use that information to make the most of study time and improve efficiency. Students also learn to adapt to various teaching styles to retain more information.
  • Effective homework management - Students learn what to do when they sit down to study. Students learn how to organize information in a fun way and to transfer it into long-term memory so jitters before a test won't make the mind go blank.
  • Memorable note taking techniques - Students learn graphic, speed note-taking techniques, including skills in summarizing and using symbols, abbreviations, etc. to enable recall.
  • Powerful writing skills - Students learn essential skills for producing top-notch papers and assignments.
  • Usable speed reading basics - Students learn speed-reading basics to increase reading efficiency, reading for ideas and information, rather than individual words.
  • Speed Reading for Recall - Students learn the 4-View reading method so they will understand and remember what they've read. Students also learn skills for making graphic chapter outlines.
  • Results-oriented testing skills - Students learn how to prepare for tests, accessing the long-term memory for maximum learning. Students also learn strategies for taking all different types of tests, and for dealing with test anxiety.

Choose the SmartStart Workshop that Fits!

SmartStart workshops are six-hours (usually three two-hour sessions). Classes are offered for fourth and fifth grade, middle school, high school and college and adults. There is a maximum of twelve students in each class. Cost is $279 per student.

Private classes include six hours of one-on-one instruction in the SmartStart program and are available on a limited basis. Classes are scheduled with the teacher and usually take place at the teacher's home or office. Cost is $495 per student.

Students in all Study Smart workshops receive a student manual, organizational tools and a four-color pen. All students also receive Study Smart's custom-made dividers and planners.

We ask parents to attend for 15 minutes at the end of the last class so we can go over the materials learned and explain how to reinforce those skills at home.

Students can be registered by phone or by mail. For information or registration, call at 281-265-3828.


To register for any Study Smart workshop, you must pay the required registration fee of $279. Of this, $90 is a non-refundable deposit. (You may opt to pay only $90 when you register, but you will be charged an additional handling fee of $10.00. The balance of $189 would then be due at the start of the first class and would be payable only by cash, check or money order.)

If you need to transfer to another workshop for any reason, as long as you give ten business days' notice, there is no charge. Without ten days' notice, you will be charged $90.

Any returned check is subject to a charge of $25.

If you miss one class in a series, you may make it up within 6 months, but must pay a $25 make-up fee.

So that students may learn optimally, we reserve the right to dismiss disruptive students. In this instance, no refund will be given. If your student is disruptive, you may be asked remain in the building or to attend the class with your student.

In most instances, parents are not allowed to remain in the classroom during instruction. (We don't mind eavesdropping, though!)

Please be sure your student is on time!

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